Review: Big Jesus - Oneiric

Now this is a rock album! I seriously can not stop listening to this. I feel like I'm telling a girl I love her on the first date but for real, this just made my top five albums of the year after the first listen. I honestly had no expectations before streaming "Oneiric" on Spotify. Andy Hull gave them a Twitter shout out of their album release and now here I am, with my jaw on the floor.

Atlanta based quartet ,Big Jesus, are schooling everyone. It's technically orchestrated with high gain, powerful low-end, and melodic riffs in the most chill and ambient way imaginable. It's like Thrice meets Smashing Pumpkins with subtle vibes of Deftones and Envy on the Coast. Yeah you read that right. Holy crap is it addictive!

Some stand out tracks include the highly melodic "Lock & Key" and the vaguely Title Fight-ish "Fader". But what really makes the album for me is the heavy bass use on "Shards" and, the title track, "Oneirica". I haven't picked up my bass in months and here I am searching the house for it because I NEED to learn these riffs and match that tone. It's the bass lovers dream.

Oneiric is streaming via Spotify and is available for purchase here

Click here to check out the video for SP.