Four Year Strong Share New Acoustic Song, "Nice To Know"

The bearded bros of Four Year Strong have premiered the second song from their stripped down unplugged acoustic album, 'Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won't'. Today, the band released a new song, "Nice to Know".

Listen to "Nice to Know" here:

'Some Of You Will Like This, Some Of You Won't' will feature songs previously from their catalog, new songs, and rarities.

If you missed it, you can hear a reworked stripped down version of their setlist staple, "Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die':

Listen on Spotify:

Pressing Info:
400 (PN Webstore Exclusive) - Bone w/ heavy Purple and Oxblood splatter
500 (US Indie Retail Exclusive) - Baby Blue / Purple - Aside Bside
500 (HMV Exclusive) - Baby Blue / Purple / Yellow stripped tri color
200 (Banquet Exclusive) - Bone with Oxblood aside bside
1400 (various) - Deep Purple

Track List:
1. It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
2. Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die
3. Go Down In History
4. We All Float Down Here
5. Nice To Know
6. Who Cares
7. Let Me Down Again
8. Stuck In The Middle
9. Abandon Ship or Abandon All Hope
10. Your Ego Is Writing Checks Your Body Can’t Cash
11. This Summer Session
12. For Our Fathers