I The Mighty "Where the Mind Wants to Go/Where You Let it Go" - Review

It was late August that greeted us I The Mighty fans with news that was long awaited. After a spring and summer of hinting social media posts keeping us anxious, the Bay Area natives announced the release date for their third LP, 'Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let it Go' through Equal Vision Records. This news was joined by the release of the album's first single and an option to purchase tickets to their headlining tour spanning from October to late November.

“Silver Tongues” was the first tune from the album to hit listeners' ears. Tillian Pearson, a talented artist that has had a hand in many different acts over the years (most notably in recent days, Dance Gavin Dance), joins ITM vocalist Brent Walsh and the two effortlessly compliment each other. The video proved to be a playful, colorful counterpart to the song and you can find it here.

The band followed “Silver Tongues” with a song that many fans considered to be more “poppy” than what I The Mighty has given them in the past. “Chaos In Motion”, as well as other parts of this album, contains an upbeat, bouncier, modern-pop side of ITM. I was lucky enough to be able to ask Brent a couple questions about the album and he mentioned the band has a true soft spot for this sound. He explained, “ We were wanting to explore that side of our songwriting; ie: not being afraid to be simplistic and let the melody speak for itself'”. The 'infuriating' video for this song was released and soon grabbed by a popular social media site, Viral Thread. VT titled its post “Tag Someone With OCD”, and has since gotten the video over 1,322,000 views on the one post alone.

The third release from the album is a song I personally fell in love with instantly. “Where the Mind Wants You to Go” hits with a drum heavy, full, time-tested I The Mighty sound. As most title tracks do, this song has an intense influence on the album. When asked, Walsh said “Many songs on the record tie in directly with this duality between our conscious and subconscious decisions and the exploration of when, why, where, and how they came to be”. This track connects with not only its partner song, “Where You Let it Go” (a spacey, satisfying, wonderfully placed outro), but also the entire album, flawlessly.

One track I especially enjoy listening to is “Escapism”. Here, the boys dive into a grungy, punk rock, jam of angst that screams “millennial”. It's undeniably relatable for fans and I can only hope the guys explore this style of writing in their future albums.

Lyrically, this album as a whole has a fulfilling variety of story and emotion. I relate to each song in its own way whether that's feeling at home among 'degenerates', taking tequila shots at noon after a nasty breakup, knowing when I need to call my parents for advice, or seriously considering eating an entire pizza to myself (I had to ask Brent if this had actually happened, he said "pretty damn close”). A majority of the songs, following suit from past records, tell the story of a relationship blooming, forming, and ending. Brent admits, “I went through a tough breakup with someone who had been in my life for a very long time as actually recording the record. I'd be lying if I said that didn't play a heavy part. Six of the songs that tell the story of a relationship have a lot of very personal meaning and memories”.
“The Sound of Breathing” is one of those six songs that pours that emotion into true art. You'll notice in this song what Brent means when he says a lot of the influence for this album, on drummer Blake Dahlinger's part, stems from 80's music/production/sounds.

I feel compelled to spend some time talking about my favorite track from the album, “111 Winchester”. This song is one of the dancier hits on the album and tells the story of a group of friends spending a night in a house that turns out to be haunted. The narrator goes through a manic episode where the ghost, or spirit of the house speaks to him subconsciously and he ends up becoming someone completely different and dangerous by the end. The lyrics are written in such a way that listeners can visualize themselves next to him the entire way. This is a song that fans are going to crave a music video for. I asked if this was going to come to fruition in the future, but it all depends on the band's budget. Brent has already written a loose treatment and boys have brainstormed about it already, but they're not sure it will be financially possible. What this means to me, is we all better buy a ton of merch in the near future, or start a GoFundMe (seriously, I got 5 on it).
When fans asked if there would be any more songs comparable to “The Fame” tracks that have been put out on recent albums, Brent referenced “111 Winchester”. (For those that don't know, “The Frame” was a three part story series that the band, as they say "Quentin Tarantino"d, and counted down as the albums released. It started on Act III from the album 'Karma Never Sleeps' and ended on Act I on the band's latest album, 'Connector'). His reply to the question was, “I think the “Frame” series is probably over, but there are other story telling songs on this record like “111 Winchester”.

The upcoming tour features Hail the Sun and Good Tiger. Tickets are going quickly, and some shows have already sold out (Including their home town of LA where a second show has been announced to keep up with demand). The band has VIP Bundles available (for shows that have not yet sold out of them) that include early entry, a Q&A , a Polaroid with the band, and a throw blanket among other wonderfully creative items. You can purchase tickets through the “Tour Dates” section of the band's personal facebook page or at http://ithemighty.com/ where you can also pre-order the album.

Oct 21: Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA

Oct 25: Kilby Couty - Salt Lake City, UT

Oct 26: Marquis Theater - Denver, CO

Oct 27: Aftershock Live - Merriam, KS

Oct 28: Firebird - St Louis, MO

Oct 30: Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA

Oct 31: Backbooth - Orlando, FL

Nov 01: Motorco Music Hall - Durham, NC

Nov 03: Market Hotel - Brooklyn, NY

Nov 04: Middle East - Cambridge, MA

Nov 06: Metro Gallery - Baltimore, MD

Nov 07: Voltage Lounge - Philadelphia, PA

Nov 08: Cattivo - Pittsburgh, PA

Nov 09: Hard Luck - Toronto, Canada

Nov 10: The Loving Touch - Ferndale, MI

Nov 11: The Foundry - Lakewood, OH

Nov 12: Subterranean - Chicago, IL

Nov 14: RBC - Dallas, TX

Nov 15: Studio Live - Houston, TX

Nov 17: Rebel Lounge - Phoenix, AZ

Nov 18: Moroccan Lounge - Los Angeles, CA

Nov 19: Moroccan Lounge - Los Angeles, CA

Dec 06: The Garage - London, United Kingdom

Dec 07: Academy 3 - Manchester, United Kingdom

Dec 08: Cathouse - Glasgow, United Kingdom